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A Life After Yeshiva

Mekor Chaim Is A Free of Charge Community for Klal Yisrael's Future Baal Habatim.


Our Mission

To nourish our community of 160+ young, single/married men with the essential ingredients for success in the workforce, marriage, and life.

From personalized career assistance to exclusive shidduch events, invigorating guys' nights to soul-stirring mesibos, energetic night/morning sedarim to informative marriage classes, we stand as the unwavering support line for all facets of life post-Yeshiva.

What We Offer


Like-Minded Community
Relatable Rebbeim
Guys Nights/Events


Yuntif Retreats
Career Assistance
Shidduch Events
Choson Classes


Iyun Shiur
Morning/Night Sedarim
Hashkafa/Parsha Vaadim

3 Locations

Fully aware of every working guys unique set up, Mekor Chaim offers various scheduling throughout the Brooklyn, Staten Island, and   5 Towns communities. Our social events/other gatherings are tailored to accommodate our collective community.


Rabbi Dov Blumberg


Under the tutelage of its Rosh haYeshiva, haRav Shaya Cohen, shlit”a, Rabbi Blumberg spent over a decade learning and carefully absorbing the hashkafa of his rebbeim in Yeshiva Zichon Aryeh. Towards the end of his years in Beis Medrash, he participated in Rav Cohen’s comprehensive teacher-training course. in 2018, Rabbi Blumberg founded Mekor Chaim. Rabbi Blumberg has a strong connection to ‘his guys’ and is providing them with a solid foundation to succeed in life as a ben Torah in the workforce.

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Mekor Chaim is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization #82-3419922. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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