A Bit of Background

Who We Are

Mekor Chaim is a community for young men in their 20’s who are transitioning from full-time beis medrash to a career-oriented schedule. Our multitude of offerings & programming fully service every aspect of life after yeshiva, providing the balance necessary for our talmidim, no matter their schedule or location, to stay fully focused on their careers while continuing on the path of true bnei torah.


Bridging  The Gap

What We Offer

  • ​​Like-Minded Community

  • Relatable Rebbeim

  • Social Events 

  • In-Shabbosim

  • Yuntif Retreats

  • Career Assistance

  • Shidduch Initiative

  • Zoom Shiurim

  • Chavrusos 24/7

  • Traveling Chaburos  

  • Hashkafa/Parsha Vaadim

  • Shiurim Throughout The Day

Our Location

Based in the 5 Towns, Mekor Chaim is perfectly situated for the career oriented individual. For those unable to live nearby, we offer scheduled "zoom" sedarim as well as weekly chaburos held in various communities throughout the NY area. 


Rabbi Dov Blumberg, Founder

Under the tutelage of its Rosh haYeshiva, haRav Shaya Cohen, shlit”a, Rabbi Blumberg spent over a decade learning and carefully absorbing the hashkafa of his rebbeim in Yeshiva Zichon Aryeh. Towards the end of his years in Beis Medrash, he participated in Rav Cohen’s comprehensive teacher-training course. in 2018, Rabbi Blumberg founded Mekor Chaim. Rabbi Blumberg has a strong connection to ‘his guys’ and is providing them with a solid foundation to succeed in life as a ben Torah in the workforce. 

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Mekor Chaim is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization #82-3419922. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.